Investor Kitas.

The Investor Visa / Investor KITAS is a visa specifically designed for business investors in Indonesia, allowing them to live and manage their business within the country with relative ease.
If you are a shareholder of a foreign-owned company and fulfill the criteria, you can apply for an investor KITAS. The requirements for shareholding are different, depending on whether you are just a shareholder or also a director or commissioner in the company.
The main benefit of an investor KITAS is that an investor KITAS can be granted for two years and you are not required to pay the Ministry of Manpower the government a fee of USD 1,200, which is mandatory for working KITAS.

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Investor KITAS
from Rp15.600.000*
Things to know before applying for Investor KITAS.
Capital of PT PMA

Before an Investors KITAS can be obtained, the company’s authorized capital should exceed 10 billion rupiah and there should be a minimum of 25% of its authorized capital paid up. For companies that were set up prior to 2009, a lower capital investment is possible. Finally, an investor should first have a minimum value of 1 billion rupiah in personal shares invested in a PMA company and hold a title of either Director or Commissioner.

Right to work

As an Investor that holds no position in a PMA company, but with personal shares of over IDR (one billion, one hundred and twenty-five thousand rupiah), you will also be eligible to apply for an Investor KITAS, however work is not permitted.

Passport validity

Please note that the duration granted is based on the applicant’s passport validity – with a with a minimum 18 months validity, you will only be granted a 1 year Investor KITAS, whereas if you have more than 30 months validity, you can obtain a 2-years KITAS.

Roles of Director
  • General management of the company ensuring that actions are in the best interest of the company
  • Official representation of the companyMaking decisions on behalf of the company (except for giving out loans to companies)
  • Maintaining third-party relations and partnerships
  • Reporting to the board of commissioners
  • Make annual reports and company’s financial documents
  • Maintaining the company’s documents
  • Keeping minutes of general shareholder meetings and board of directors meetings
  • Maintaining the shareholders’ list
Roles of Commissioner
  • Overall supervisory duties
  • Reviewing and approving the annual financial statements
  • Overseeing the budget for the succeeding financial year
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Steps to get Investor KITAS.
Applicant must have a foreign owned company PT PMA in Indonesia and have shares. Once the business is setup you may now apply for Investor KITAS
Provide and qualify all relevant documents for Kitas processing
Documents will be send to the Ministry of Manpower to apply for RPTKA (Expatriate Placement Plan - Approval for hiring expatriates)
Once the Telex Evisa will be issued, we will directly send it to you
Upon arrival back to Indonesia the you will need to go to the local immigration for biometric to provide photos and fingerprints
The Investor Kitas will be issued and given to you in 3-7 business days
Documents needed to apply for Investor KITAS.
Applicant Documents
  1. Passport and Photo
  2. CV
  3. Position Work foreign inside or outside of Indonesia
  4. Address in Indonesia
  5. Domicile Letter
Company Sponsor Documents
  1. Akta Notaris and update
  2. Akta Kehakiman dan Update
  3. NIB Number
  4. Business Number
  5. Tax ID
  6. Domicile Letter
  7. Company stamp and letter head
  8. ID Card of Director
  9. BPJS Certificate
  10. Manpower Update (minimum 1 worker foreigner = 10 Local worker)
  11. Bank Record minimum USD 2,000
Can I start the Visa process before I enter Indonesia?
Yes, you can. You can apply for you working permit before you enter the country and  get Telex Evisa which you can exchange to KITAS once you will enter Indonesia and visit Immigration office for biometrics.
What job do I need to obtain a 12-month KITAS?
A 12-month KITAS is only guaranteed for Directors and Commissioners. For roles in Management this is also possible however, it is at the discrepancy of Immigration. For non-management roles, (barring a few exceptions) you many only obtain a 6-month, non-extendable KITAS.
During the process, do I need to visit an Indonesian Embassy to collect my work permit?
Up until October 2020 all visas were processed in Indonesia and what was known as a TELEX was sent to an Indonesian Embassy overseas. Due to the Covid pandemic, the Indonesia government introduced E-Visas to mitigate risk of spreading the virus. Visa costs to the government which were previously paid to the Embassy are now paid at application stage in Indonesia (Working KITAS US$150).
What are the total costs to process a KITAS and what are they?
The Total costs involved will vary depending on the KITAS type, but for example a 12-month working KITAS will be subject to the following costs:

Agent processing Fee: 15.600.000rp (Normal/Express process)

PNBP: $150 (USD) Mandatory fee to the government

DPKK: $1200 (USD) Mandatory fee to the government
Do I need to do a biometric session?
Indonesia has recently introduced a biometric session at the airport, however currently, this is only for the working KITAS. Please note that even though this is operational, sometimes the system is not updated and you may still need to go to an immigration office in Indonesia to process a biometric session.

All other types of KITAS currently will require the applicant to go for a biometrics session at a local Immigration office, (subject to the domicile of the applicant).
I already have a KITAS, can I change jobs and keep my KITAS?
Unfortunately, you cannot continue your current KITAS. You will need to obtain an EPO (Exit Permit Only) which will terminate your current visa and you will then need to start your new visa with your new company.
Can I do more than one job on my KITAS?
You may only work in the location or job specification stated on your KITAS.
If I do not wish to extend my KITAS, what should I do?
To terminate your KITAS you must apply for an EPO (Exit Permit Only), whereby your work permit will be terminated. The EPO is very quick and generally takes around one day. Once your EPO stamp is issued, you will need to leave the country within 7 days.
What do I do if I have left Indonesia and have not submitted and EPO?
If you have not submitted an EPO, you can apply for what is known as an ERP (Exit Re-entry Permit). LetsMoveIndonesia can process this for you.
What happens if I overstay my Visa?
If you overstay your visa you may be subjected to daily fines, blacklisting from the country and even deportation. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your visa up to date.
I am married to an Indonesia Citizen and do not work. Is the Working KITAS the right option for me?
In this case you would be better suited applying for a Spouse KITAS. To find out more please check out the Spouse KITAS page.
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