Visa Services.

We provide fast and reliable services for all types of visas. Our staff will help you at all stages of obtaining a visa and you can enjoy your stay in Indonesia hustle free. We are your trustworthy partner in Indonesia.
Fast & Relivable Company formation & business services in Bali:
PT, PMA Setup, Investor KITAS, Work KITAS, Family KITAS, Business Visa, Accounting, Audit, Legal & Tax consulting, Business Setup Services, Virtual Office, Contracts drafting and many more.
Visa services
Advice on relevant visa for your needs to stay in Indonesia.
Our specialist will recommend you the best visa option depending on your needs and make sure your application will be successful accepted.
How we can help with visa process.
Tracking of your application.
We have a transparent relationships with clients and give them accurate information on all the steps of visa process.
Issuance of your visa.
Visa Renewal.
Visa services
Business Visa — from 9 500 000 IDR.
Business Visas are issued for travelers who intend to visit Indonesia for maximum stay of 180 days. On business visa you can attend non-profit organization meetings and workshops. This is not a working permit.
Social Visa - from 3 500 000 IDR.
Social visa is the most popular option among extended tourists who like to stay in Indonesia for up to 6 months. Does not allow multiple entry.
Work Visa (KITAS) - from 15 600 000 IDR.
KITAS is an Indonesian government permit that allows foreign nationals to work or stay in Indonesia legally. Multiple entry, issued for 6 months or 1 year.
Visa Extension - from 950 000 IDR.
Extension of your current visa. We will make this process hassle free for you.
Dependent KITAS - from 13 000 000 IDR.
If you are in Indonesia accompanying a family member that has a KITAS, then this Dependent Visa is the visa for you. This visa is applicable for husbands/wives and children of a primary KITAS holder.
Investor Visa (KITAS) - from 15 600 000 IDR.
The Investor Visa / Investor KITAS is a visa specifically designed for business investors in Indonesia, allowing them to live and manage their business within the country with relative ease.
Spouse KITAS - from 11 700 000 IDR.
A foreign national legally married to an Indonesian citizen can be obtain KITAS family visa. This is not a working permit, you won't be allowed to legally work in Indonesia.
EPO / ERP - from 1 040 000 IDR.
In cases when you are switching between jobs or changing your KITAS type, you must apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO).
If you have left Indonesia and forgot to apply for an EPO...
KITAP - from 39 000 000 IDR.
KITAP or permanent stay permit allows you to stay in Indonesia for 5 years at a time and is very special, as not everyone
can apply for it.
Retirement KITAS from 13 000 000 IDR.
As long as you are older than 55 retirement visa is one of the most convenient ways to stay in Indonesia.
Other ways how we can help you:
Other ways how we can help you:
Company Establishment.
Company Advisory.
Tax and Accountancy.
Corporate Law.
Company Formation.
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